The number of pigs in the United States decreased by 2%

The number of pigs in the United States of America was 74.8 million as of March 1, which is 3% less compared to December 1, 2020 and 2% less compared to March 2020. The statistics are as follows: a total of 74.8 million heads: of which 68.6 million are commercial pigs and 6.21 heads of pedigree pigs.

December (2020) - February (2021) - the period when 33.3 million pigs were weaned in the United States of America, this statistic is 1% less than in the same amount of time last year. Over an identical period, American pig farmers averaged 10.94 piglets per pig litter.

March - May (2021) - for this period, American pig breeders expect to receive such an amount - 3.07 million pig queens, and 3.12 million pig queens from June to August 2021.

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