Will meat be in lower demand in 2021?

In the last few years, there has been a tendency in the world to partially or completely abandon the consumption of meat and meat products.

In Britain, a third of the population either does not eat meat at all or has reduced its consumption. In the United States, this is said by almost two-thirds of the population. In Ukraine, about 2 million are vegetarians, 3 million - promote flexitarianism. That is, 10% of the population share the same opinion with the British and US residents.

If we analyze the consumption of meat for the year by the average Ukrainian, we can note the following:

  1. Consumption of red meat has decreased significantly.
  2. Demand for pork fell from 25 kg to 14 kg.
  3. Poultry meat is the most popular. Consumption increased from 21 to 28 kg.

Despite the high cost of feed, poultry meat in the cost of our country is one of the lowest in the world. The average price per kilogram is UAH 40. Wholesale purchase starts from 60 UAH / kg. That is, profitability ranges from 50%. If we take into account these factors and the short duration of the production cycle - only 42 days, we can conclude that raising birds in Ukraine today is profitable.

The situation with the consumption of red meat remains unclear. Demand for it will decrease even more, whether manufacturers will be able to turn the situation to their advantage and restore the popularity of the product is unknown. Moreover, the situation is aggravated by competition with imported pork and cheap domestic chicken.

Information source - agronews.ua