Why did the export of poultry products from Ukraine decrease at the beginning of the year?

The State Customs Service reported a significant decline in exports of meat and poultry offal in January 2021 compared to January 2020. During this period in 2021, 29.2 tons were exported, indicating a decrease in exports by 22.8 %.

In January 2021, poultry products worth $ 36.3 million were exported. January 2020 was a bit more pleasant in monetary terms, as the amount of funds was higher by 22.3%.

If we distribute the inflow of funds from the main buyers of Ukrainian poultry meat in 2021, then in first place is Saudi Arabia - $ 17 million, in the second UAE - $ 2.4 million, and in third place is Hong Kong, which purchased products worth $ 2 million.

Information source - agronews.ua