Why do consumers not experience a sharp drop in prices for live pigs?

The 3rd week was marked by a significant "slump" in the price of live pigs. For animals of slaughter condition, the average cost per kilogram of live weight was UAH 37.5. After analyzing the prices for live pigs over the past few years, we can determine that such a decrease was recorded only in late April 2017.

And here the main question arises - how will this "subsidence" affect the cost of frozen pork in retail?

Representatives of the Association of Pig Farmers of Ukraine noted that every year during the post-New Year holidays there is a slight drop in live weight prices. The cost is 1 kg. live weight of pork decreased by 7.2%. That is, for every kilogram the owner loses almost 3 UAH. According to analysts of the Association, the situation in retail is somewhat better. The fall occurred only by UAH 1 / kg or by 1%.

In December, when the price of cuttings began to fall, the cost of pork in retail was much higher than now. That is, today the cost is 1 kg. pork differs from the old price by at least 2% or 2.6 UAH. And this is very important.

Information source - agroview.ua