Ukrainian beef imports are in the TOP-3 of importing countries

The State Customs Service of Ukraine reported that for 11 months of 2020, beef exports decreased significantly compared to 2019. The amount received for export beef this year was only 77.78 million dollars. In 2019, we received 27% more.

If we take the natural expression of cattle meat exports, the customs officers recorded the export of 22.2 tons of beef. That is, in 2020, compared to 2019, 36% less products were exported.

If we take the data on frozen beef, in 2020 exports amounted to 20.34 thousand tons worth 71.38 million dollars.

The TOP countries of beef importers include:

  1. China - 28% of Ukraine's total beef exports were exported - 4.93 thousand tons of cattle meat in the amount of 20.23 million dollars.
  2. Azerbaijan - imported 22.8%, 4.63 thousand tons of beef worth 16.5 million dollars were exported from Ukraine.
  3. Kazakhstan - the percentage of beef exported from Ukraine was 15.4. 3.19 thousand tons were sold for 11.17 million dollars.

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