The reduction in the number of cattle in Ukraine continues

The statistics collected is very alarming. If we take the figures of the year before last, then as of 12/01/2019, the number of cattle was 3.35 million. For 11 months of 2020, this figure decreased to 3.15 million. That is, exactly in one year the number of cattle decreased by 6,1%.

The information is confirmed by the data received from the State Statistics Service.

If we analyze the number of dairy livestock, taking the figures for 2019-2020, then its number in 2020 decreased by 6% and is only 1.73 million head of cattle.

The total number of head of cattle registered in agricultural enterprises as of 01.12. 2020, for 11 months decreased by 5% compared to 2019. During the same period, the number of milking livestock decreased by 3.9% (421.1 thousand cows) compared to 2019.

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