An outbreak of bird flu has limited exports of poultry products from Ukraine

The outbreak of bird flu in the Mykolayiv region, which was recently reported to the media by representatives of the State Food and Consumer Service, was the main reason for certain restrictions by Ukraine's trading partners.

Our country, fulfilling its obligations as a direct member of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), immediately informed all its trading partners about the outbreak of a dangerous highly contagious bird disease.

On December 16, 2020, a number of countries notified the State Food and Consumer Service about the introduction of certain restrictions on the import of poultry products. At the same time, they approached the zoning of the area dangerous to them in different ways:

  1. Restrictions on exports from all over Ukraine have been imposed in the European Union, Singapore, Morocco, Tunisia and Japan.
  2. Prohibition of import of poultry products from the territory recognized by the State Food and Consumer Service, ie from the outbreak and the 10-kilometer zone around it - such restrictions were imposed by Israel, Moldova and Saudi Arabia.
  3. Belarus and Hong Kong limited themselves to the ban on exports only from the territory of Mykolayiv region. 

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