A sharp decline in pork imports from Ukraine

The shocking data for November 2020 was shared with us by the press service of the Association "Pig Breeders of Ukraine". According to their data, only 3.07 tons of pork were imported this month, including fresh, frozen and chilled. If we compare with October 2020, when 4.75 thousand tons of pork were imported, it can be seen that the volume of supplies has actually decreased by a third.

Alexandra Bondarskaya, head of the analytical department of the Association "Pig Breeders of Ukraine", also commented on the situation. According to her, the reason for the delay in the import of imported pork from Denmark and Poland, the two main importers for Ukraine, was the situation with exhausted import quotas. In addition, the fall in prices on the domestic market of Ukraine had a huge impact.

If we compare the prices of November and October, then in November the activity dropped sharply and the price fell by 5%. Average price for 1 kg. pork in November was 43.20 UAH.

Information source - latifundist.com