Iran is interested in the supply of meat, eggs and other agricultural products from Ukraine

According to the information received from the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, the Iranian government and private companies are ready to import agricultural products from Ukraine. First of all, we are talking about red meat, poultry meat, chicken eggs, as well as corn, barley and soybean meal.

To establish the supply of agricultural products, you must first obtain permission from the relevant services of Iran, exercising supervision. Representatives of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad emphasize the need to intensify interaction between the State Veterinary and Financial Services of the two countries.

In a letter to the Ukrainian government, the Iranian side specifically names a company that is ready to act as a customer for agricultural products from Ukraine, as well as to represent the interests of private importers of Iran. This is State Livestock Affairs Logistics.

The message from the Iranian side was forwarded to the Ukrainian Livestock Breeders Association and other industry organizations.

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