Pork exports from Argentina to China are increasing significantly

Against the backdrop of a global drop in demand, Argentina managed to increase the volume of pork supplies to China from $ 65 billion to $ 100 billion. In the first seven months of this year, 22407 tons of pork were exported from Argentina. And this is 66% more in comparison with the export volumes for the same time interval in 2019.

A month later, a Memorandum is expected to be signed between Argentine livestock breeders and representatives of the Chinese government. According to this agreement, construction of mega-farms for raising pigs is planned in Argentina. The project is actively discussed by representatives of the public and arouses sharp criticism of ecologists.

In a report by UkrAgroConsult, referring to the Buenos Aires Times, it is emphasized that Argentina does not have the status of the world's largest pork producer. However, demand from China is driving a very strong growth in pig production in the country.

Information source - ukragroconsult.com