14-year ban on export of chicken from Egypt lifted

Egypt has the opportunity to export chicken to the Asian, African and Arab markets. So far, the capabilities of Egyptian producers can allow exporting at least 700 million head of birds a year.

Previously, WHO held back the Egyptian government from poultry exports for 14 years. Avian influenza was a problem for exports, but so far fourteen Egyptian companies have received certification. According to experts, the export will begin in the coming months.

According to experts, the outbreak of bird flu that has began in 2006 was partially stopped. It is worth clarifying that such WHO’s measures had a good effect on the Egyptian poultry industry, making it independent, since the quantitative indicators of productivity reach 1.4 billion heads and 13 billion eggs annually. Therefore, after entering the market, Egypt is predicted to be the leader among Arab, Asian and African countries in the poultry industry.

Information source - ukragroconsult.com