Participation in the MeatForum 2020 conference

Representatives of Vortex Plus took part in the annual Meat Forum conference, which took place at the President Hotel 06-07th Aug 2020 (Kyiv).

The conference was also attended by leading partner plants of our company, representatives of the Association of Importers of Ukraine and the Meat Industry of Ukraine, producers, importers and suppliers of meat, ingredients, casings, packaging and equipment, representatives of retail chains. The main issues discussed during the conference:

  • volumes of production of meat and sausages for the last 3 years in dynamics and a share of export in manufacture;
  • the dynamics of changes in production during quarantine in the first half of 2020;
  • situation with imported raw materials, price situation, forecasts;
  • exports - the situation with permits for exports to China, Singapore, etc.
  • What are the agreements and permits for the export of pork, beef and chicken to China and other areas. Which companies have received permits and made deliveries?
  • analysis of sales of sausages in several Ukrainian networks in February 2020.

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