Decrease in Ukrainian income by 27% from poultry export.

According to the data provided by the State Customs Service, for the period from January to May 2020, Ukraine exported less poultry by 27%, compared with the period from January to May of the previous year, to 223 million 500 thousand dollars.

For the reporting period, poultry export by Ukraine has become 175,000 tons. This is 17% lower than last year.

The main importers of poultry from Ukraine:

- The Netherlands - about 18% of all exported poultry meat;

- Saudi Arabia imported 15%;

- UAE - 13%.

The reduction in imported chicken occurred by 25%, to 15.3 million, Imports fell to 35 thousand tons, that is, 30%. The main exporters of poultry meat to Ukraine from January to May, 2020:

- Poland exported 55% to Ukraine;

- Hungary - 21%.

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