For the First time the number of cows has grown

In April of this year, for the first time in the previous 12 months, there was an increase in the total number of cows in comparison with March - by 2.8 thousand heads.

The increase in livestock was due to the household sector and amounted to 3.6 thousand heads (compared with March of this year). Livestock growth occurred in 11 regions.

The following areas became leaders in terms of livestock growth:

- Luhansk (for 0.6 thousand heads),

- Zhytomyr (for 0.6 thousand heads),

- Dnipro (for 0.5 thousand heads).

The increase in the number of cows in the domestic sector in the Nikolaev region decreased and amounted 0.2 thousand heads.

The number of cows of industrial enterprises in monthly dynamics declined again. At the same time, the pace has noticeably decreased. Minus 0.8 thousand heads per month.

According to the same analytical department, the number of cows decreased in eight regions of the country and most of all in the Kiev region - 0.7 thousand heads.

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