The pork’s price is falling down

The Association of Pig Breeders of Ukraine cited statistics, according to which the purchase price for pork fell by 0.5% during the last week. The average cost is about 43 UAH per kg.

The price of live pigs is not stable. It was noted that this week part of the livestock farms was able to sell pigs more expensive by 0.5-1.5 UAH per kg than last. But most of the entrepreneurs sold at a lower price, the difference was 0.25-1.25 UAH for 1 kg live weight. The average market price for live weight varied within 42-43.5 UAH for 1 kg.

The main reasons for such fluctuations, according to market operators, are associated with low demand for this type of product during this period of the year. That is, a decrease in the price of live weight is associated with an imbalance between demand and supply for this type of product in the consumer market.

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