Will Moldova prohibited import of poultry from Ukraine?

The Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environmental Protection of Moldova has prepared a document according to which the import of certain products from Ukraine will be banned.

This is due to a recent outbreak of bird flu. The document was sent for consideration by the government.

Only after the official announcement by WHO that the quarantine has been lifted on the territory of Ukraine and bird flu has been eliminated, the import of feed and poultry products into Moldova will be allowed again. In order to avoid a shortage of poultry in local markets, and a corresponding increase in prices for these products, the government took a number of measures. First of all, the maximum use of products provided by local poultry farms.

The total need for poultry for the population of Moldova amounted to 85 thousand tons last year. 70% of this amount was sold by local farmers, that is, imports amounted to only 30%.

Information source - agroreview.com