In 2020 - control of bird influenza continues

According to the official data, that was published by the head department of the State Food Service in the Vinnitsa region, a particularly dangerous disease of the bird was registered in 2 poultry farms located in the region: Nemirov-Podolye LLC and Khutor PE.

According to the current instructions, after confirming the diagnosis of bird flu, the entire livestock of the affected farm was stamped out (complete destruction). In total, more than 109 thousand heads of poultry were euthanized: 108.14 thousand at the Khutor PE and over 500 heads at Nemirov-Podillya LLC.

According to available information, the final disinfection of the premises in which the affected livestock was kept was carried out. Disinfection work is still ongoing. Clinical examination and registration of poultry in the private sector of 32 settlements located in the immediate vicinity of the affected households were also carried out with the help of 15 visiting working groups. They made a great job, thanks to which more than 1,194 yards were completed and about 25 thousand heads of birds were examined. Not a single case of bird disease was recorded in the protection and surveillance zone. At the moment, work is stopped.

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