2019 is characterized by growth of export of ukrainian eggs

According to the data published by the State Customs Service of Ukraine on its website, an increase by 28% of Ukrainian egg exports is observed in 2019.

Our businessmen exported over 137 thousand eggs in the amount of 112 million dollars.

That is, 137.1 thousand tons of products were exported, which is more than 29.6 thousand tons than last year.

Statistics of customs services allows us to identify the main number of importing countries of Ukrainian eggs. In the first place is the UAE, which imports more than 25% of Ukrainian eggs. They purchased about 35 thousand tons of eggs worth $ 28.43 million. In the second place is Iraq - over 16 thousand tons of products worth $ 13.29 million were purchased. The third place belongs to Hong Kong – more than 16 thousand tons of eggs were imported.

The most interesting thing is that the import of eggs in 2019 increased by 53%, if compared with 2018, that is, 5.21 thousand tons of eggs were bought by Ukraine.

Information source - https://latifundist.com