The production of frozen chicken increased by 7.1% in Ukraine

For the 11 months of 2019, 120,000 tons of chicken meat were produced, and for the same period in 2018 - 112,000 tons.

This refers to the production of carcasses of chickens and deep-frozen chickens.

As for the production of fresh and chilled chicken, there is a growth trend - by almost 8% per year. For 11 months of 2019, 360,000 tons of poultry were produced by farms, and for the previous year - 333,000 tons.

Only in 5 years Ukraine has become from a net importer of poultry meat to a net exporter. Today, our country is among the TOP-10 of the world chicken producers and the in TOP-3 among the countries of the European Union.

Such a sharp growth was facilitated by the development of poultry farms in Ukraine, thanks to the modernization of the entire production infrastructure.

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