The lack of pork can lead to an increase in the price

In 2020, farmers predict an increase in the cost of pork to 250 UAH per kilogram.

This will be avoided only if funds are allocated from the national budget to make a compensation for those farmers, whose pigs had suffered from ASF.

This opinion was expressed by Mykola Babenko, who heads the Center for Improving Livestock Performance: “2020 will be a difficult year for Ukraine. All of us should be prepared for the lack of pork and the increase of its price. If the cost does not change and payments to the animal complexes for pigs are not made in case of ASF, then we should expect that the cost of pork will be 200-250 UAH per kg, and the cost of live pigs will break all records and reach up to 70 UAH per kilogram», - the expert said.

Despite the fact that the number of slaughter has increased, the total number of pigs has decreased significantly. This means that productivity will decline in 2020.

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