25 years ago, our country was on the sixth place around the world in producing of dairy products, but now Ukraine is facing the threat of its shortage.

This information was provided by Ph.D. Olga Kozak, who holds the position of a key researcher in the economic department of agricultural production and international integration of the National Scientific Center “Institute of Agricultural Economics”.

According to Olga, the increase in the price of buying cow's milk indicates an existing increasing domestic shortage of milk. Over the past 3 months, the purchase price exceeds the price for the last year, depending on the month, by 10-15%.

O. Kozak notes, that agricultural enterprises have the resources to increase the volume of raw materials. In extreme cases, the purchase price, which now is above the world level, should stimulate them to move towards increasing the production of high-quality dairy products. But those enterprises that have significant potential for increasing production volumes, have stopped the production waiting for the approval of the land market, including for agricultural purposes.

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