ASF Vaccines will not be available for almost 5 years

According to Australian experts, who are involved in the development of the African swine fever vaccine, they will not be able to develop such a vaccine in the next five years.

Trevor Drew, the head of the vaccine lab, said: “I didn't expect that ASF will spread at such a rate. In my opinion, we will not be able to control African swine fever until the vaccine is available. ”

According to recent reports, today the plague virus has caused the loss of 25% of pigs worldwide. According to some sources, the virus may spread to Australia soon, with a wild boar population of about 25 million. And according to research, wild pigs are spreading ASF at high speed.

In addition to personal efforts, Australian researchers have also enlisted the support of other countries. Scientists from the US, EU, UK and China are working now on the inventing of the drug.

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