Ukraine plans to introduce electronic issuance of certificates for export of agricultural products

In 2020, the World Bank will support Ukraine in the development and implementation of a system for the electronic issuance of certificates so that agricultural products can be legally exported.

This was noticed by Olga Shevchenko, acting Chairman of the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection. In her speech, she also said that next year will be the beginning of the introduction of electronic issuance of all international certificates that are used in the export of agricultural products. With regard to international veterinary documents, they will be issued in several languages, depending on the request of the importing country.

“Of course, this entails additional costs, because it will be necessary to monitor the legislation of countries. But Ukraine will do this, because it is necessary for the system to work. This step will increase the level of confidence of other countries. This is extremely important for us,” O. Shevchenko said.

On the beginning of November 2019 about 63 thousand certificates were issued. This amounted to about 95% of all issued documents. Currently in Ukraine, more than 6 thousand people have become users of the system. 

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