China and Turkey surrendered their positions to Ukraine in the ranking of world chicken exporters

According to forecasts of American experts from the US Department of Agriculture, Ukraine will record a rise in chicken exports in 2019.

For the whole of 2019, the volume of exports should increase by 26% - and reach 400 thousand tons. The forecast for 2020 is even more optimistic, export volumes should be about 450 thousand tons.

For 2019, Ukraine ranks fourth place in the world in the ranking of the largest suppliers of chicken. The first three places are rightfully occupied by Brazil, the EU and Thailand.

According to forecasts, over the 12 months of 2019, the export of leaders will also increase:

  • Brazil: an increase of 4.4% to 3.85 million tons;
  • EU: by 11.9%, up to 1.55 million tons;
  • Thailand: by 7.7%, up to 900 thousand tons.

It should be noted that in 2018, Americans predicted Ukraine the growth of chicken export to only 350 thousand tons and gave it only 6th place in the rating. But Ukraine successfully overcame this figure, overtaking China and Turkey.

According to the latest information, China intends to open its market for Ukrainian chicken. This is being negotiated at the highest level.

In the future, Ukraine will be able to increase chicken export to the markets of the European Union. This is due to an increase in quotas for supply up to 70 thousand tons per year, which was the result of cooperation with the European Commission.

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