Swine fever poses a tremendous threat to a pig production in Poland

Recently, the National Union of Pig Breeders' Employers has begun to declare the global threat of swine fever, which will cause enormous damage to the whole pork industry.

“The swine fever, which is spreading at an incredible pace throughout Poland, is capable of causing irreparable damage to the entire pig industry in the country. In total, about 1,500 cases of infection of boars and more than 30 cases of infection of pigs were observed in 2019. But this applies not only to small farmers. The virus can also affect all concentrated pig breeding of the Masovian and Lodz Voivodeships,” the Union said in a press release.

“If the farmer destroyed the livestock based due to the conclusion of the veterinarian, he will receive compensation from the state. Although, compensation will not affect all participants in the production process. If it turns out that the meat factory’s products are infected with the virus, it is obliged to withdraw the entire batch from retail stores at its own expense. To avoid this risk, some plants were forced to switch to the use of imported raw materials.”

Information source - ukragroconsult.com