Record export of Ukrainian poultry meat

The State Customs Service of Ukraine reported that in the period from January to June 2019, our country reduced the import of poultry meat and its offal by almost 14%.

During this time 50.6 thousand tons of these products were imported, and for the same period last year - 58.7. The main importers of poultry meat to Ukraine since the beginning of 2019 are Poland (60% of imports, over $ 12 million), Germany (16%, $ 3 million) and Hungary (11%, 2 million).

In May 2019, poultry imports were at last year's levels. The main import item is frozen minced chicken. The largest suppliers in May were Poland, which imported over 6.5 thousand tons of poultry products to Ukraine for USD 2.3 million. The United States, Hungary (1.5 thousand tons, $ 0.5 million), Germany (1.4 thousand tons, $ 0.5 million).

As for the export of poultry meat from our country, in May 2019, it has become a record for the last three years. According to official sources, 41,000 tonnes of frozen or chilled poultry were exported during this time for nearly $ 57 million. USA. Products mainly came to Saudi Arabia (over 25% of exports), the Netherlands (approximately 17%), Slovakia (approximately 11%).

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