Record indicators of Ukrainian agroexport

According to the press secretary of the Ukrainian agrarian business club, over the past 10 years export in Ukraine in the agrarian sector doubled and amounted to a maximum in 2018, namely $18.6 billion.

Import during this period remained at the same level, namely, $ 5.6 billion.

In Ukraine, the basis of exports in the agri-food business is crop production, namely:

  • 53% - wheat and corn;
  • 24% - are oils and fats, mainly sunflower oil;
  • 16% - sunflower and soybean meal;
  • 7% - dairy products, poultry meat and honey.

In Ukraine, in the field of import of agri-food products, the largest share is already finished products. It accounts for 46%. This is alcohol, tobacco, pet products (namely, animal feed). Bananas, sunflowers, oranges, tangerines and other citrus fruits account for 30%. 18% are livestock (cheese, chilled and frozen fish). 5% is oil, and basically it is palm oil.

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