EBRD invests in the development of Ukrainian agribusiness

The EBRD or the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction promised to allocate finances, namely a loan of 20 million euros to the industrial complex «Dniprovska» for the repair and modernization of the downhole workshop. «Dniprovska» is a major producer of poultry products in Ukraine.

The project price is 33.8 million euros, 23.8 of which will be allocated in 2019 and 2020, and the next 10 million in 2020 and 2021.

 This project will provide certain advantages to the «Dniprovska» complex, namely, it will get a chance to receive certification and enter the EU market.

It is worth saying that the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction has already allocated five million dollars in March 2018 for the construction of a gas installation.

 The agro-industrial group «Dniprovska» works in the fields of plant growing, poultry farming, animal husbandry and is engaged in the processing of various industrial crops. Its products are manufactured under the trademarks «Znatna Kurka» and «Dniprovski Kurchata», they also supply it to the markets of Oceania, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries. There, the trademark has the name «Ulas» and is in great demand. The volume of annual production is over 60 thousand tons of live weight. Ukraine accounts for about 7 percent of all products.

 Information source - ukragroconsult.com