Investment attractiveness of pork is increasing compared to chicken

Mykola Babenko, the director of the Center for raising the efficiency of livestock breeding, said that today the price for chicken in Ukraine and Brazil is the lowest in the world -0.65 euros per kilogram.

The cost per pork is € 0.5 per kg, but the price on the market is higher than that of chicken and increases, and by the end of 2019 it can grow 2 times. That is, a 10 million tons increase in pork deficit worldwide, as it is 7 percent of world production. Prices for pork in the world are increasing, so in the United States grew by 17%, in Brazil by 48%, in Canada by 40%. Thus, by the end of this year, the cost of pork can double.

This gives Ukraine a chance to restart our pork exports. To begin with, specialists need to understand the supply of pork infected with ASF and also reduce the cost of raising animals.

At the center of raising livestock breeding, we are convinced that this can be remedied. After all, in our country the low cost of growing these animals, compared to the world, by dry food is 0.8 € per kg and 0.5 € per kg by liquid.

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