Artificial meat

AT Kearney analysts predicted that in 2040, meat could be replaced with other products with identical tastes, and more than 60 percent of meat would probably grow artificially, The Guardian says.

According to experts, humanity can abandon meat products due to the negative impact of agricultural enterprises on the ecological situation, or rather the pollution of rivers and other water bodies and various emissions into the air.

It was found that more and more companies are using plant ingredients to create meat by artificial means, and these indicators are growing. Beyond Meat, for example, has invested more than 240 million in this industry since last year.

An employee of AT Kearney Carsten Gerhardt (Carsten Gerhardtr) said that the transition of most people to a vegetarian lifestyle will happen very soon, as now the problem of animal welfare and protection and the environment in general is acute. But at the same time, those who cannot imagine their life without meat will be able to eat, as before, without harming the ecology of the earth.

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