Marbled beef is produced in Kherson region

"Askanian" is a state experimental farm in Askania-Nova, Kherson region, which is engaged in cattle breeding, namely, "zebu".

This is a type of livestock that is common in other countries and is otherwise called a “horned bull.” This breed was bred in the eighties in Kherson region by workers of the Animal husbandry Institute “Askania-Nova”.

The farm "Ascanius" contains more than 600 heads of "zebu". The meat of this breed is considered a delicacy all over the world and is called marbled beef. This meat is practically fat free, lean, dietary. Such meat is obtained due to the characteristics of feeding animals.

Marble beef is ordered by many premium-class restaurants in Kherson region. It produces excellent dishes, especially the steak, which is so loved by gourmets visiting restaurants, is especially appreciated.

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