Reduction in livestock in Ukraine

One of the trends that has been observed over the past few years is the reduction in the number of animals in agriculture.

According to statistics, at the beginning of May of this year, the number of cattle in all categories of farms was 372 99 000 individuals, which is less than in May 2018.

The pattern of reducing the number of pigs is also important, this year it is 61365000 individuals, which is 0.4% less (in all areas of farms). But at agricultural enterprises, which contain 57.2% of the livestock of pigs, the total number of pigs has increased almost in 6 times. In private farms, where 42.8% of the pig population was concentrated, a decrease of 4.0% is observed. The factor that affects the reduction is the lack of interest of producers in the cultivation of pigs. First of all, this is due to unprofitability, lower prices for the implementation and the spread of such a viral disease as the African plague.

Also, compared to May 2018, this year the number of sheep in all types of farms has decreased by 2.6%. At agricultural enterprises, the share of decline was 7.5%, and in household farms, where 87.3% of the sheep population is concentrated, the decline rate was 1.9%. Experts determine this with a loss-making industry, as there is low demand for this type of meat in Ukraine, only 1% in the structure of meat.

According to information provided by the Institute of Agrarian Economics, in the structure of meat consumption per 1 person per year accounts for 13.0% for beef, 47.0% for poultry meat, 39.0% for pork.

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