New cases of African swine fever (ASF)

In Khmelnitsky region the outbreaks of ASF were registered again.

As a result of the disease, about five hundred pigs will be slaughtered on the farm. This information was provided by the Head Department of State Consumer Protection Service in Khmelnytskyi region. According to O. Sadovyuk, the cases of African swine fever were recorded at Obolon Agro LLC in the village Pochapyntsy Chemerovetsky district.

In April two adult pigs died at the farm. The State Service of Ukraine on Food safety and Consumer Protection has received a request from the veterinarian that this pigs can not be cured. At the place of infection, the biomaterial was selected and sent to the laboratory for the research, after which the diagnosis was finally determined.

For today, plans have already been developed and agreed on the control of ASF, also like the limits of the spread of the disease, the zones of protection and supervision are outlined. The State Emergency Antiepizootic Commission has identified the territory ASF on the farm in the village.

All pigs that were kept on the farm, the amount is more than five hundred, are almost slaughtered. In the settlements that are included to the protection zone, experts are waiting when the incubation period will pass, then residents will be offered to slaughter animals.

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