Ukraine struggles for the world poultry market

Analysts from the Netherlands informed that world demand for poultry meat is increasing, so the price should also increase.

Until recently, the situation was opposite. The epidemic of disease, and even the trade war between the United States and China, has affected the deterioration of stability in international poultry trade in 2018.

Analysts also noted that the previous few quarters were not quite stable. Trade restrictions and, consequently, reduced access to these markets. Analytical services predict an increase in exports of poultry meat to the United States, in the case of signing a trade agreement with China. The world trade will be affected by current trade restrictions: the EU with      Brazil and Saudi Arabia with Brazil.

At the same time, Ukraine and Russia will strengthen their position in the international poultry market, Russia will be able to increase its product sales several times by opening a new market - China. But even the growth of exports is unlikely to allow Russia to surpass Ukraine. According to statistics, in 2018, domestic poultry farmers exported 328,000,000 kg of chicken, Russian farmers - by 30% less - 222,000,000 kg.

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