Import of onion for the last season

Ukraine for the first time in 25 years can be attributed to key buyers of onion from Asia.

Since the beginning of last year, by the end of autumn, the maximum deliveries were from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The largest amount of products was purchased in Azerbaijan by 4.6 ths. tons. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have been actively starting to export onions since September - about 1 thousand tons of products have been procured by Ukraine.

According to T.Getman, a very good harvest in Europe has affected the quality changes in Central Asia's exports. By 2018, these countries have made major deliveries to Russia, and last year, local farmers opened an alternative and found that the price of the products is closely related to quality.

Kazakhstan has the most perspective in terms of exports, in the period when there was a slight external demand, the farmers exported 23.5 thousand tons of onions, while with high demand, they increased to 98 thousand tons (1/5 of the total volume).

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