Sale of dairy products from Ukraine

Producers of dairy products will be able to increase sales by the end of this month.

Growing of the demand will lead that the manufacturers will raise the price on their products.

By mid-January, large companies have already sold dairy products in plastic packaging mainly at the following price: 2.5% milk: from 19 to 21 UAH per liter; kefir 2.5%: from 21 to 23 UAH per liter; sour cream 15%: from 50 to 58 UAH per kilogram; cottage cheese 9%: from 95 to 110 UAH per kilogram.

There was a smooth growth in export of dairy products in 2018. In addition to the standard sales of dairy products to Moldova and Georgia, interest from Asian and African domestic milk increased significantly.

Despite the sales of dairy products have increased by almost 40%, the absolute figures are still low. If we take into account that the country produces up to 1,000,000 tons of dairy products, then the export of 24,000 tons is quite low. Nevertheless, the prospect of increasing export, especially long-life milk, is very good.

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