The contribution of foreign investors in the domestic agro-industrial complex

12122018The part of foreign investments that are involved in the development of animal husbandry in 2018 was almost 30%, at the same time, the share of animal husbandry in the overall investment structure is slightly more than 10%.

In total, foreign direct investment in the agro-industrial complex last year amounted to $ 622,000,000.

The trend of increasing foreign direct investment in this sector has resumed since the year before last, after a prolonged decline in 2011. An identical situation is observed with foreign investment in the food sector. It smoothly resumed growth only in 2016, after a recession in 2014–2015.

The largest contributors to the agro-industrial complex of our country last year were Cyprus (more than 1/4), the British Virgin Islands (almost 1/6) and Germany (more than 1/10).

The resumption of growth of foreign investments in the agro-industrial complex is a favorable sign for the further renewal of the industry.

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