Ukrainian nut breaks records

19122018In the current year, more than 120 000 000 kg of nuts were collected in our country.

Ukraine, along with China and the United States, is among the top 3 countries in collecting this product. Such a harvest contributed to the excellent weather and the expansion of the territory, which is used for growing nuts.

A sufficient number of businessmen prefer the work with this product. The area, that is used for growing walnuts in 2017 was 18.3 thousand hectares (now it is 18.9 thousand hectares). Nevertheless, cultivation in large volumes is only 15% of the total amount, but the main 85% come from private farms.

Domestic nuts are usually very popular among foreign consumers, especially in EU countries and in the Middle East. But at the moment the competition in the European market is Chinese walnut, as well as cheap Kazakh and Moldovan walnuts.

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