African cholera of hogs is progressing in China

05122018One of the farms near Beijing was affected by African cholera of hogs, and the number of disease foci exceeded 20.

On the farm, which suffered from the virus, almost 10 thousand individuals live, and today this farm is the largest damaged object in this territory. According to the magazine Pig Progress, today more than 80 cases of African cholera of hogs are in China.

According to D. Long, outbreaks of this disease in the country are progressing. Experts predict that the government will not be able to control this process. The virus will provoke a rise in prices for pork in the country, because the price of pigs has already jumped to 30%.

Today, due to the trade war with the United States of America, duties on the purchase of this product are more than 2/3. Recently, China has increased the purchase of meat from European countries that were not affected by this virus.

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