The USA is the key supplier of soybeans to the EU

30112018According to statistics, in July-November of the current year, 5.15 million tons of soybeans were imported to the EU, that is more than 10% more than in the same period last year.

The most active buyers purchased more than 80% of this product, in particular Holland bought 1.5 million tons, Spain - 1,000,000 tons, Germany - 9,000,000 tons, Italy - 500,000 tons and Portugal - 400,000 tons.

Regarding the countries that supply these products to the EU, the main supplier is the USA, however, the amount of soy beans from Brazil has decreased, exactly as from South America and Canada. Thus, 3.5 million tons (almost 70%) were imported from the United States, 1.3 million tons (more than 25%) from Brazil. At the same time last season, the share of the United States was not more than 40%, the share of Brazil was more than 30%, and another 30% fell to Canada, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The main reason for the change in exporters was a drop in prices for this product from the United States. Prices literally decreased by 1/5 due to the trade war with China. At the same time, the difference in price with soy beans from South America reached $ 50-60 per ton during this period.

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