Import and export of dairy products

22112018According to SFS of Ukraine, since the beginning of this year our country exported 7,690,000 kg of cheese in amount of $ 28,530,000, almost 10% less than in 2017.

Nevertheless, Ukraine purchased cheese from other countries for this period of 12,110,000 kg for the sum of $ 58,940,000, which is almost 40% higher than in 2017.

The sale of butter from Ukraine to other countries this year increased by almost 4% to 28,230,000 kg in amount of $ 119,990,000. The purchase of this product by Ukraine also increased one and a half times to 1,000,000 kg ($ 6,770,000).

In January-November, the export of milk and cream fell by almost ¼ - to 34,020,000 kg ($ 56,050,000), which is ¼ less than in 2017, and the import of these products was one and a half times higher - 2,120,000 kg ($ 5 170 000).

According to customs statistics, Ukraine last year exported 9.05 million kilograms of cheese, which is more than 10%, to compare with the year before last. The import of cheese has increased by 40% - up to 10,000,000 kg.

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