Export opportunities for Ukraine

07112018Since the last time, China has rapidly imported sunflower oil, this situation provides opportunities for increasing the number of export of domestic products.

According to Agritel’s consultant V. Blazhko, such opportunities become more real if we pay attention on the increase of sunflower oil production in the country. She also mentioned, that our country continues to hold main positions in sunflower oil sales to China.

China also buys sunflower oil from Russia, the production of which for 2008-2018 has increased in several times. The export sales for Russia for this period have increased more than in 7 times, about 2,000,000,000 kg, which greatly affected the position of Ukraine in export market.

However, the domestic sunflower oil has many advantages over its Russian analog. First of all, China has been purchasing it for a long time, and it managed to become very popular among local custumers. In addition, the quality of Ukrainian products is more consistent with the requirements of the Chinese market.

Information source - apk-inform.com