A quarter of this year's vegetables can spoil until spring

01112018According to analysts, in Ukraine vegetable stores, where you can save the harvest in the winter, are not enough.

Only 1/3 of the storage compartments are functioning in accordance with modern requirements, the rest are the obsolete Soviet warehouses.

In these premises, it should be possible to adjust the temperature and humidity, in order to this the vegetables will not spoil. According to the General Director of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, this situation forces the farmers to sell vegetables immediately after their collection in the season of the lowest prices. ¼ of the total amount of the harvest can be lost during the winter, due to the lack of sufficient stores. Sometimes producers, being oriented at market prices before harvesting, decide not to collect it at all. Because collecting and transporting crops from fields to the stores is a rather high cost, which is almost one-third of the cost of production.

Almost all producers of vegetables are confronted with the problem of product storage. The problem is that, each vegetable culture has its own peculiarities and storage technologies.

Information source – agronews.com