The decrease of export of tomatoes

24102018According to the SFS, the export of tomatoes from Ukraine has decreased by almost 30%.

Since the beginning of this year, Ukraine has supplied 10.71 million kg of tomatoes to the foreign market, at a cost of $ 7.98 million, which is 30% less than last year. Ukraine mainly exports tomatoes to Belarus (7.39 million kg), Poland (1.79 million kg) and Latvia (285,000 kg).

Ukraine imports tomatoes and cucumbers mainly from Turkey. The rapid growth in the supply of Turkish vegetables to the domestic market was triggered by the deterioration of partnership with Russia, after which Turkey increased its supplies to our country.

Almost ¾ of the total import of vegetables comes to tomatoes, and cucumbers are in the 2nd placе, the reason for this is the competitive price in comparison with Ukrainian producers and the high demand for these vegetables among Ukrainians.

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