Import of onion

17102018Recently, onion, mostly from Kazakhstan, has appeared on the shelves of domestic supermarkets.

Now this is a small amount of this product, but in the future an increase in the supply of onion is predicted, that could have a further effect on lowering prices.

T. Hetman, a specialist in this question, commented this situation. According to her, in Kazakhstan, onion is being bought both by our country and by companies from Europe, so the price of this product in Kazakhstan has recently increased by more than 10%.

Identical situation was three years ago. Then purchases began in mid-autumn, supply increased, and prices declined. The losses were incurred by many importing companies, which at the end of autumn were supposed to sell the purchased onion at a loss.

Today, in the wholesale markets, domestic high-quality onion can be bought from 7 to 9 UAH per kilogram, and a kilogram of imported onion costs an average of 8 UAH, which is twice as expensive as last year.

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