Ukrainian export

08102018According to the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, from the beginning of the current year to the end of summer, the value of products, that were exported is $ 15,000,000,000, from which the export of agrarian sector products is $ 11.5 000 000 000.

The sum of exported products has increased on $ 65.6 000 000 to compare with the last year.

Ukraine mainly exports grain crops (almost 40% of the total amount), oil (nearly 27%), oilseed crops (nearly 10%), meat, eggs and nuts. The principal buyers of the domestic products are the countries from Asia, the EU and Africa.

On the first place among the importers of Ukrainian products is India, that bought products in the amount of $ 1.3 000 000 000. On the second place is China - $ 698.8 000 000, on the third - Egypt, $685.5 000 000. The Netherlands and Spain are also the largest European importers of domestic products.

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