The 4/5 of exported meat is chicken

27092018According to statistical data, the export of meat for the first 8 months of current year was 258 000 000 kg (on 6% more to compare with January-August 2017), and import is 180 000 000 kg (more on 41%).

Now part of the exported chicken meat is more than 80% (215 000 000 kg), almost the half of which Netherlands, Iraq and Slovakia bought from the beginning of this year.

To talk about the import of meat, our country buys meat of bird (almost a half from general amount) and pork (more than 40%), mainly from the countries of the European Union. For January-August of the present year Ukraine imported meat more on 2,5%, than for the same period of 2017.

From the beginning of 2018 Ukrainian companies have produced meat of all kinds on 0.3 % more than in 2017 (1453 000 000 kg), and the livestock of cows and pigs decreased almost on 5%, nevertheless the population of bird increased almost on 3%.

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