A farmer from Austria wants to reconstruct a farm in Ukraine

19092018Т. Brunner actively breeds pigs on the farm in Тomashivka (Cherkasy region), there are about 5 000 of pigs in that farm.

According to the farmer, till 2020 he wants to increase an amount of pigs up to 10 000 individuals. Thomas also reported, that there is a possibility to grow up to 6 500 individuals in the existing pig farm. On a new farm in the future he wants to contain 7000-8000 pigs. A scientist became the owner of the neglected stock-raising complex in the Cherkasy region, that he would like to reconstruct for the further growing of pigs without using of antibiotics. The businessman told, that there is an exceptionally empty building there from a previous proprietor. He wants to repair the building and buy all necessary equipment, it all will cost to him practically 3 000 000 dollars.

Except the plan of creation of another pig farm, a scientist would like to construct a slaughter workshop, which will give a possibility to produce pork meat by a simple way and to realize the own prepared pork products.

Informative source – agroportal.ua