The bread’s price will grow

13092018From the past summer for today wheat bread rose in price almost on 30%, it’s more than 3 UAH for a kilogram.

According to the specialists’ opinion, till December of the present year the increase of price on wheat bread will be nearly 10%. The company Research & Branding Group considers, that the wheat bread is the most popular in Ukraine – almost 90% consumers buy it periodically, and more than 60% of customers – buy it every day. More than 50% of consumers buy rye bread periodically, and almost 20% of consumers always buy it.

The regions, where bread’s price rose the most are: Zaporizhzhya region – 42%, Kirovohrad region – 40%, Poltava region – 39 %, Sumy region – 38%, Tcherkasy region - 33%.

For the last three years the maximal influence on the cost of bread was the increase of minimum-wage. Thus, till December it is expected, that the price on the cheapest social sorts of bread will grow up to 10%. The inflation and increase of price in the world market also have an influence on the price of bread.

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