Season of grapes

06092018Most of the vine-making companies in south regions began to harvest different sorts of grapes.

The harvesting was begun earlier in a current season, than it was planned, because a harvest ripened quicker due to fine weather. Such company like "Koblevo" had already harvested muscat sorts of vine and began to harvest white sorts. Practically all crop is harvested manually. More than 200 hectares of the earth, that are involved under viniculture were cleaned.

The winery of Duke P.Trubetskoy (Kherson region), actively began to engage in harvesting of ripening grapes too. First of all they collected the grapes of the earliest sorts for sparkling wine, and they also planned to end all harvesting process till October.

Besides it, the employees of company "Shabo" swiftly engage in harvesting of white sorts of grapes. In most economies workers prefer to the harvest manually, because in this season the grapes ripened good enough.

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